Caring for your magnetic compass and pewter compass case. 


Pewter combines a mixture of tin with other complementary metals. The anti-tarnish feature of pewter makes it an ideal metal for jewelry because it takes little maintenance to keep pewter looking beautiful. The compass case can be cleaned with a moist cloth and mild soap. Do not submerge the compass case in water, the compass is not waterproof. 




To function properly the compass should be held in a level position. If the compass becomes frozen, shake the compass gently and the needle will swing freely again. The compass is water resistant, it is not water-proof. It cannot be submerged in liquid. A magnetic compass needs to be sensitive to align itself with the earth’s magnetic fields, but its sensitivity means that it can be thrown off temporarily or permanently by surrounding objects. 

  • Store a magnetic compass away from computers and other electrical devices that can generate magnetic fields. Exposure to magnetic fields can damage a compass.
  • Metals with a large iron content such as car keys can deflect the compass needle. 
  • Carry a magnetic compass so it does not come in contact with cell phones or pocket radios. The speakers in cell phones and other devices can demagnetize the needle on the compass. 
  • Dropping or bumping the compass may damage it and impair its ability to function correctly. 
  • Keep a magnetic compass away from heaters and do not store in a hot place such as a car. Heat can damage the inner workings of a magnetic compass, resulting in poor performance.
  • Batteries can deflect the position of the compass needle.