Compass Rose Compass Pendant Necklace 2


The Compass Rose Compass Pendant symbolizes Discovery & Exploration. Set your course for Adventure with a Journeyworks Compass. Handcrafted in lead-free pewter, the compass pendant (1″ diameter) comes suspended on a 24″ ball chain.

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The front of the Compass Pendant is adorned with a Compass Rose; the reverse side encloses a 20mm working compass. Finely crafted in lead-free pewter, the pendant is suspended on a 24” ball chain. The Compass Rose has appeared on maps since the 1300s, guiding travelers by marking the cardinal directions. The compass is a symbol of exploration and functions as a navigation tool. Waldseemuller’s World Map, from 1507, inspired the design of the Compass Rose. 1” diameter. Pewter Case – Working Compass – 24″ aluminum ball chain – Anodized Aluminum Clip – Made in USA