The Journey is the Reward Compass Pendant


THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD Compass Pendant reminds us that it is the path we walk and not the destination that we ultimately value. Guide your journey with traditional wisdom. Handcrafted in lead-free pewter, the compass pendant (1″ diameter) comes suspended on a 24″ ball chain.

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The Journey is the Reward. Life isn’t about the destination; it is about the Journey that takes us there. This inscription invites the wearer to pay attention to the present moment. Finely crafted in lead-free pewter, the pendant is suspended on a 24” ball chain and encloses a 20mm working compass. The compass is a symbol of exploration and functions as a navigation tool. 1” diameter. Pewter Compass Case – Working Compass – 24″ Aluminum Ball Chain – Anodized Aluminum Clip – Made in USA